About Super Inga

Super Inga first leapt into the public consciousness in the award-winning feature film DIE YOU ZOMBIE BASTARDS!

As Fangoria said “One of the most flat-out entertaining grassroots genre features in recent years was DIE YOU ZOMBIE BASTARDS!, and the franchise isn’t dead yet.” (April 2012)

No, it certainly isn’t.  See… Zombastic Productions (producers of DYZB!) teamed with the guys responsible for the ZombieBomb Comic Anthology to release the epic ZombieBomb Presents the NEW Adventures of SUPER INGA, a 32-page full-color extravaganza, at Boston ComicCon in 2012.

It was intended as a one-shot comic… but was followed by Volume 2 in 2013!

And right here at Super Inga Saga is the only place you can follow her continuing adventures!!

Lloyd Kaufman (creator of the Toxic Avenger) exclaimed “Brilliant! Super Inga is my favorite comic book of the year. She explodes all over every page… and so will you!”



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