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BONUS: Five fun facts about… Mexican Ape-Lord!


[Rough Concept Art:]  SUPER INGA meets MEXICAN APE-LORD!!!

What does he want? Where does he come from? (Mexico. Der.) Is he friend or foe? He’s wearing a necklace beaded with human skulls, so I’d guess “foe”.  But who can be sure? And… can Super Inga tame him?  Who knows?

Here are some things that we DO know about Mexican Ape-Lord:

  1. They are a masterful, all-out heavy metal band, hailing from Boston,
    Massachusetts, USA.
  2. They feature well known, major label talent.  Anthony Nichols, Mexican
    Ape-Lord’s guitarist, was a founding member of Meliah Rage (Epic Records).
    M.A.L. vocalist Jon Hardy formerly played in The Bags.
  3. Their album “The Late Heavy Bombardment” is their first as Mexican
    Ape-Lord.  Due to its favorable reviews and acceptance by fans, Mexican
    Ape-Lord has lots of new material in the works.
  4. They are the creators of Super Inga’s only official, bone-crunchingly
    awesome theme song! Click to hear it! Hear the Ape-Lord ROAR!
  5. Mexican Ape-Lord’s entire AWESOME album, “The Late Heavy Bombardment”, is
    available in both CD and digital-download formats from Unable Records at  It can also be found on Amazon, iTunes,
    Google Play, Xbox Music, Spotify, and hundreds of other digital retailers.


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