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episode III – pg 41 – THE END of the beginning

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Well, I sure hope you’ve enjoyed Super Inga Episode III, her first ever ongoing webcomic.  As you can tell by this CLIFFHANGER ENDING, there’s plenty more to come! Now… you’re no dummy (after all, you’re a faithful Super Inga subscriber!) so you can probably guess that Volume 4 will take Inga’s savage sword-swinging action to a whole new level. But it’s not as simple as that.  In fact, it’s never as simple as it seems in Inga’s world… her universe, the “Ingaverse” if you will, is about to get a whole lot more expansive and you’ll be able to watch it unfold in a plethora of uncharted directions.

I’m excited for her upcoming adventures, and I hope you join us when they start up again in a few weeks.  I’ve been faithfully posting a finished page each week since September and really NEED a hiatus to re-group and catch my breath.  Follow on Twitter or Facebook or sign up for email alerts to make sure you don’t miss a page!  Feel free to comment and share if you’re digging what’s going on here at SuperIngaSagaDotCom!  I think it’s a pretty unique mix.  And it’s just going to get more unique-er, trust me.

Thanks for reading,signatureof the Golden Braid Brigade

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