TEST #2: is this a good screen size?

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This is page 1 of The NEW Adventures of SUPER INGA Volume 1.  I think it could stand to be a little bigger for webcomic legibility.

More tests to come.



  1. secretsuperinga

    CW– Thanks, man. I’ve finally decided that (I think) I’m gonna go with a more traditional vertical comic book page. The reality is that PROBABLY very few people will ever see this blog, as I am not the best promoter. I think the main thing is that the entire Super Inga Saga, especially including the 64 pages of the 1st two books, all are formatted the same so they could be one big volume if ever there is a need for that. Even just a small run. Gotta get the current book out first, though, and we’re in the last week of production on that right now. I hope that your plans are progressing as you want them to. Rock on and talk soon…

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