episode III – page 3

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Stay with us, Faithful Reader!

Episode III is moody… atmospheric— a real departure from Inga’s previous adventures… but after this 3-page rev-up, things get rolling and the ACTION kicks into gear!

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  2. secretsuperinga

    Joseph! Thanks for the positive comment on this, what I have come to find is the “rather prickly” Page 3.
    You see, my first draft of Episode III began at the bottom of page 3, picking up where Volume 2 had left off: our trio of heroes running aground on the island. BUT… I thought new readers would benefit from a little bit of atmospheric wind-up, so I added what are now pages 1 and 2. I wanted it to have an eerie feel, reminiscent of 1930s horror films which inspired the story and the feel, like “Island of Lost Souls” or “The Black Cat”. The bummer I have encountered is that often people start at page 1, get to page 3, then stop reading. I felt like it had enough build-up, with questions that need answering by the bottom of page 3, but it may be simply too slow-paced for many readers. Sort of like how those movies I mentioned (that I LOVE) are “boring” to most people. So I guess this proves yet again that the things that draw me in are often things that “most people” find boring. Oh, well, no surprise there.
    In short: I sure am glad to know that you like Super Inga Episode III enough to keep following and I thought you might appreciate these bits of reader dynamics that I have observed.
    I love what’s happening over at http://www.wackymonkeys.com
    Stay Wacky!

    • Joseph

      I agree, Haig. The golden age movies start off slow. I believe because times were simpler and they wanted to get the viewer invested in the world and characters. Stories of today must grab the viewer’s attention right away or risk losing them to other distractions. Maybe because we live in a much faster paced lifestyle and there are other entertainments to contend with.

      I enjoy old movies. It’s interesting to see that my kids like them too. We watched The Sound of Music and loved it. I’ll check out The Black Cat and Isle of Lost Souls.

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