pages 6 & 7 BONUS 2-page spread

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Originally, I had decided to post the pages and only the pages here at with no extra commentary to get in the way of the story.

However, when I got to this 2-page spread of a titlepage I realized that I wanted to post each page separately, but in doing so the panoramic design would be lost.  I think that the single pages work okay but ARE a bit awkward on their own, so it only seemed right to post the spread as it would appear in a “Real” printed comic book.  So here it is: the title/credits page, a sweeping panorama detailing the dangers at hand and this, now, truly, marks the beginning of our story!
(In next Friday’s page: we find out if those weird guys are friends… or foes!)

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    • secretsuperinga

      It’s a little weird, right? When I visualize comics I see them in book form, so a double-page spread is a cool way to emphasize a dramatic panorama or the beginning of a chapter… or, in this case, BOTH! The 2-page spreads are a bit awkward when posting to a webcomic like this because if I post them all at once, I end up making things more difficult for myself. You see, it’s actually 2 weeks of work posted in one week and I have to really bust it to not fall behind. I felt like each of these pages worked ok individually… it wasn’t CONFUSING, was it? It just makes more sense when you see the two pages joined together, right? I’m just guessing here– let me know what you think, and thanks for commenting!

      • Joseph

        No, it wasn’t confusing at all. I knew what was going on. Page 6 can definitely stand on its own. Page 7 just seemed a bit incomplete. But once they were together, it was very clear and made a lot of sense!

          • Joseph

            Thanks, Haig! It takes me two weeks to do a page so I’ll have pencils up this Monday. Inks and colors the next week. Soon, I’ll be able to do a whole page in one week! :O)

            • secretsuperinga

              Cool! I look forward to seeing your progress. Yes, I trust that you WILL have it down to a page per week soon– the more you do, the faster it goes! It’s amazing how much better you get at “getting it done” with each project you plow through. On a similar note, since October I’ve been doing a project where I do an ink drawing a day (mostly unrelated to Inga) and post it. It was inspired by Jake Parker’s #INKtober project, but I just couldn’t stop. You can see them all at
              It really helps keep the gears greased! Join in if you wanna– #dINKcember is almost wrapping up, But #PENuary is just around the corner!

              • Joseph

                Thanks, Haig. You’re right, ya get faster the more you do it so that a great thing! I’ll check out your Tumblr and look into the #PENuary but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to participate this year.

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