episode III – bonus spread 10/11

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SI3_pg8_9spreadWEBBONUS POST: not really a two-page spread per se, but pages 10 and 11 were conceived in relation to each other.  They would look something like this in a printed book (remember those?), with some shared elements (like the “AWOAURGH” sound effect and the crowd of badguys) that spill from one page into the next. Combining the pages increases the claustrophobia as the baddies close in on our heroes, but doesn’t really make too much of a difference in how the story reads. Also, without an actual physical gutter for page 10 to die into and page 11 to come out of, it’s a little awkward.  I just figured some readers might appreciate seeing this.

In a couple of days, maybe we’ll find out who mysteriously yelled “STOP”.  Or maybe not.

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    • secretsuperinga

      Hey! I’m glad you appreciate it, Joseph. It was a fun one to resolve… it took alot of black crayon to get those baddies to look menacing. You certainly create dynamic and wildly contorted spaces in your layouts. I think we both enjoy seeing how far we can push the convincingness of spatial limitations within both the frame edges and the 3-dimensional space pushing out toward the viewer (and back into the space of the imagined world).

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