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The best? I have a feeling the WORST is yet to come.
We’ll see… NEXT FRIDAY!

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    • secretsuperinga

      Wow! I really appreciate that– not ceasing to amaze is always a goal, but a seemingly unattainable one in my mind. I’m glad that you were moved to say exactly that; it really makes a difference to me… especially when I’m so uncertain as to whether anyone (other than a few close friends) is paying any attention. I will redouble my efforts and really keep trying to make a great book. Thank you!

  1. Joseph

    Haig, this is a fantastic smorgasborg of color delight! Intoxicating, trippy, and downright OLT! This seems exactly as creepy ol’ Olt would have it! The cornucopia of color definitely sets the scene as he lures the girls deeper down his world.

    But I’m curious as to what happened to faceless Jed. The girls don’t seem so concerned about him. Will he resurface as a plant-humanoid-zombie hybrid?

    This story is getting more intriguing as I want to find out what Olt has in store for our lovely ladies. And if we see Jed again. Captive? Dead? Mutated? Very interesting, Haig! :O)

    • secretsuperinga

      Thanks, as always, for the insightful commentary, Joseph. I was just thinking about The Faceless One today and wondering if anyone would ever wonder about what happened to him. I guess you’ve answered my question!
      I don’t want to give too much away, but later in this episode we MAY see a bit of whatever it was that dragged him off. Since you asked… Jed, for all intents and purposes, is Ded. At least, the mystery of what happened to him and where he ended up will not be neatly tied up in Episode III… but that doesn’t mean he’s gone for good! (Maybe I’ve said too much…?)

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