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There’s that SOUND again! Well…

I guess we’re just gonna have to find out what’s >gulp< behind the d-d-door… NEXT FRIDAY!

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  1. Joseph

    Sioux was going to the flowers like a bug to a zapper!

    Great cliffhanger! I love how you integrated color in the third panel, Haig. It really POPS! and brings out the action. Olt is SO bad! I can’t wait to see what’s behind door number one :O)

    • secretsuperinga

      HA HAH! Thanks, man! I’m glad you’re doing the “edge-of-your-seat” thing… the Saga of Super Inga is JUST getting started, I feel, and her misadventures with Olt will just lead to more and more unexpected weirdnesses. I hope you stay along for the ride!

    • secretsuperinga

      Thanks again, Joseph. It’s fun to work without photo-reference, since you can exaggerate in order to create more dynamic action. I am, of course, always trying to make it not be TOO impossible. Hopefully it’s informed enough by “real” anatomy to not seem totally misguided and ridiculous… But, anyway, it is what it is and it’s fun.

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