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SI3_pg32WEBSo, the sheer power of Super Inga’s will prevails once again!

Something tells me that we haven’t seen the last of Dr. Olt and the gang… but it sure is good to be rid of them for now!

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  1. Joseph

    All that work and now it’s gone. Olt should seek Vengeance! :OP

    Really cool the way you morphed them into a gaseous mess, Haig! Hhmmm… what’s two beautiful ladies to do in the middle of nowhere all alone. I can think of something! Maybe my wish will come true on the next page :OP

  2. secretsuperinga

    Thanks, Joseph. I had fun making the bad guys dissolve. (For that effect, I broke out my water-soluble pencil and it did just what I wanted it to!)
    I DO have a feeling that Drs. Olt and Muerte will be back to torment Inga sometime… just not in this episode.
    I’m sorry to tell you that the next page will not give our ladies any time to “relax”. Oh, well!

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