episode III – the GRAND FINALE!

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As we got to the end of Episode III, it seemed the action kept spilling off one page and into the other and these final two pages were no exception!

Remember, click on it and you get an EVEN CLOSER look…

I know you’ve already seen both of the pages on their own, but they work better together for full effect.

SO… this is THE END of Episode III.  But obviously, there’s more to come.



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  1. Joseph DR

    It’s always fun to see what your double-page spreads look like, Haig! It’s great that you post ’em. This might be something I will do in the far future. (If I can get my other ideas implemented first!)

    • secretsuperinga

      I’m glad you like seeing them, Joseph. The spreads are a by-product of me trying to do grander and grander things with my layouts AND of me thinking in terms of book-pages, not web-pages. I often consider doing a fold-out super-spread… but then… how would that work in a web-comic, right? Baffles me.

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