FAQ: “how’s Super Inga Vol. 4 coming along?”

For those of you who have been patiently inquiring (and even for those who haven’t), I’d like to provide you with an update.

First, I’ve gotta let you in on the process of crafting the Super Inga Saga.  That way you can see for yourself how things are coming along.  Ya might even find it interestin’!

In short, here’s how it’s done:

1.  Plotting is done via a chaotic combination of scribbles, writing and drawing on small scraps of paper, in sketchbooks, on napkins, envelopes, etc.  Alot of this is only semi-intelligible, but at the very least represents the “bones” of what will happen both visually and conceptually.

2.  From there, Thumbnails of what (I think) each page will look like are scribbled out on 8.5 x 11″ copy paper.  Again, this is VERY rough stuff, basically notes that will allow me to begin to visualize the flow of the story.  Alot can change between here and the final story.

3.  The most crucial phase comes next: 1st Roughs. These are done at the same scale as the final art (full-size 18 x 24″ drawing paper) and this is where the flow of the story begins to get nailed down, the scripting attains more clarity and the designs of the pages really take shape.  These are still really scribbly, but solving placement problems for figures and text starts to be a major priority.

4.  Once all the pages are in “1st Rough” format, the whole story can really be read in a bare-bones version that’s pretty true to how it will read when it’s finished.  Then pages can be changed as necessary and worked up into 2nd Roughs or 3rd Roughs, however many versions it takes to get the page to what’s usually referred to as Finished Pencils, ready to be inked.  I don’t really do “finished pencils” in the traditional sense, I just do as many roughs as a page demands until I’m confident that I have something that I’ll be able to take to the next step.  Depending on the page, it usually progresses through 2 to 4 rough versions, but sometimes as many as 6.

5.  The next step is Finished Inks.  Each page gets inked, then scanned and prepared for publication with text and special effects (if any).

So “How’s Super Inga Vol. 4 coming along?”

1.  Plotting: Complete!  There’s at least enough for Vol. 4 and it looks like alot of it will spill into a Book Five as well, depending on how things develop…

2.  Thumbnails: 35 solid pages of thumbnails are DONE! So that’s basically Vol. 4.

3.  1st Roughs:  This is what I’m most excited about– as of today, 20 pages of 1st Roughs complete!

I know Super Inga has been out of circulation for a long time, but I’m working to remedy that.  Frankly, it could take awhile, but these next chapters will really change our understanding of the Super Ingaverse.

I hope that by the time it’s ready YOU’LL be ready to follow along with her journey.

Any questions or encouragement is appreciated.  Thanks for your patience and support.



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