episode III – pages 18/19 – 2page spread

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Dear reader:

Your patience, going week by week and page by page, has revealed this 2-page spread, showing itself off just the way it would if you were holding a (GASP) printed book.  Remember those?

To our friends shoveling out in the Northeast… consider this a Blizzard Bonus from the one and only Super Inga!

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start at the beginning of Episode III



  1. Joseph

    Yow-za! Great spread, Haig! The fold will serve as a good psychological and emotional divide between the girls and ghouls!

    Those stairs must’ve taken forever!

    • secretsuperinga

      Thanks, Joseph! You’re right on about the fold. Also, I think we were talking last week about the pacing of webcomics vs. printcomics and how the staggered posting of these 2 pages gives more of a gradual reveal than turning the page and just boom seeing the whole spread. But ultimately, yeah, it’s all about the 2-page panorama.

      The stairs! Stairs are always a big pain in my opinion and since I’m allergic to rulers I force myself to fake the geometry even though I know it would “look right” if I used a ruler. I always cross my fingers knowing that my perspective is wrong, but hoping that the overall FEEL of the space is convincing enough that no one is tempted to follow lines back to a vanishing point. Because if you do, you will NOT enjoy yourself.
      Thanks for the comments, Joseph! Much appreciated.

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