episode III – page 20

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You’ve gotta wonder: WILL she… have a potato?


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  1. Joseph

    Ha! Ha! That was an unexpected funny surprise, Haig! I was thinking I’d see brains or a heart. But a potato is funny!
    Great suspenseful buildup to a comedic surprise :O)

  2. Rover and Bob Comics

    Haig, Very impressive work! I love the way you draw the panels in pencil…..just black and white with some muted washes of color. It gives your drawings a lot of action, atmosphere and depth! Sets the perfect mood for the story! Very inspired by your art and storytelling abilities! Looking forward to next weeks page…..

    • secretsuperinga

      Thanks for the compliments! It looks like pencil, but it’s actually india ink with the addition of china marker for the crayon-like textures. My intention was to create a pulpy, moody atmosphere. I’m glad you find it inspiring and are looking forward to next week…

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