episode III – pages 26 & 27 – it’s a 2-page spread!

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PLEASE click on the image to make it bigger and revel in the HORROR of it all!


Special thanks to Doktor Dr. Muerte for taking time out from Muerte Labs to make this guest appearance at The House of Olt.

Be sure to visit him at his evil HQ, www.mondochachi.com for healthy doses of Geoff Mosher’s nonsensical mayhem.

And of course, tune in right here NEXT WEEK to find out what the hell happens next!!!!!

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start at the beginning of Episode III



  1. Joseph

    Woah! I don’t think they’ve been to medical school! Look at all the blood! What a ghastly sight!

    Also, something tells me that whatever is in that syringe is not anesthetic.

    I love Doktor Dr. Muerte and the bat character, Haig. So cool!

  2. Joseph

    And I gotta say, you handle black and white so well, man. The red and occasional POP of color really holds well. Is this all pencil or do you ink as well?

    • secretsuperinga

      Thanks for the kind words, Joseph. Good question– alot of people think it looks like pencil, but actually there isn’t any pencil in the final artwork.

      To start, I do about 3 (but occasionally as many as 6 or 7) rough pencil versions of a page. I use a lightbox throughout this process, tracing my best bits and riffing on what is needed to get the page to work. When I’m ready to do a finished page of art, a clean piece of paper goes over the best pencilled version and then I do the final drawing in ink… most often these days, I use a Zebra brushpen. This one is my favorite:

      Once I have the inked linework established, I go back with a black china marker and add all the tonal stuff that gives it that sketchy, grimey look.

      This episode has been alot of fun, as I got comfortable with this approach and integrated new elements (the sepia-toned pages, the colored gardens and now the BLOOD). The previous two Super Inga books were full-color and had a really different look. They were pencilled and inked by me, but digitally colored by people who are REALLY good at doing that– I could never do full-color pages and I was so lucky to work with really talented colorists.

      Thanks for asking– I love to talk process and get a peek into how other artists do what they do. Ask me anything; I’m glad to share!

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