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Oh, hey! What’s a ZOMBATMAN™ you ask? They’re a new species a Zombie/Bat/Human hybrid first introduced in ZombieBomb presents The NEW Adventures of SUPER INGA available ONLY at SUPER INGA MARKET— get it and get caught up on the whole crazy story!

[OK, so we here at SuperIngaSagaDotCom know (better than anyone) that most of us are still in a bit of an economic downturn. If you want a FREE peek at the historic introduction of the Zombatmen, check it out right here at www.artofHaig.com

So, if anybody asks, you can tell ’em fer sure that we’re all about givin ya sumthin’ fer nuthin’! WELCOME TO OUR WORLD!]

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One comment

  1. Joseph

    Every atom indeed! She’s a knockout!

    I love this page, Haig. The first panel is so intense with emotion. I love the way Doktor Dr. Muerte is intently working on the Zombatman. Not having him speak here adds to that focused attention. Brilliant!

    It’s great to be back (I was ill) and getting caught up with my comics. I’ll have to check out the previous appearances of these crazing hybrid zombatmen! Have a great weekend, Haig :O)

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