episode III – pg 35 – “Big Trouble!”

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Say goodbye to Super Inga, folks! This looks like it could be the end…


HEY! Speaking of “the end”, Dear Readers, as things reach a fever pitch in our story, we’re finally rollicking toward the end of Super Inga Episode III.  Remember, this is the first ever webcomic experience for ol’ Super Inga! Our team here at SuperIngaSagaDotCom has been cranking out a page a week since September– our hope is that you’ve been enjoying this exciting brew of monochromatic mayhem. When reader comments come at us through The Internet, it’s a great help for us to hear what you think, so THANK YOU and PLEASE keep ’em coming! If you’ve been silently reading and enjoying, feel free to chime in & let us know… you could even spread the word about it if you’re so inclined!  Heck, even if you think this whole thing STINKS, you could let us know that too–  It’s just good to know that you’re out there.  And that you know how to read. Thanks for being here and, again, COMMENTS ARE WELCOME!

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  1. Joseph

    Great layouts as usual, Haig! I love the texture on the tentacles.
    Let’s see Inga get out of this! It seems like trouble finds Sioux and Inga looks for trouble :OP
    Also, many of the politicians need to be thrown into The Pit!

  2. secretsuperinga

    Glad you’re digging it, Joseph! Things are only going to get wilder as we get into the final half-dozen pages of Episode III. Your comments are appreciated, and as long as I know there are people, like YOU, who are actually following the adventure, it’ll be much more likely that I’ll keep it going… into Super Inga Vol. 4!

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