episode III – pg 36 – “Show No Mercy”

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How can we be certain?

Find out… NEXT WEEK!

So… it’s hard to believe, but the FINAL FIVE PAGES of Episode III are coming your way. In case you’re keeping track, when it’s done we’ll have posted an all-new page EVERY FRIDAY for 38 straight weeks!  WHEW!  It’ll wrap up on Friday, May 23rd.  Then, after a well-deserved hiatus, we’ll be BACK on Friday the 13th of June, embarking on what, at this point, can only be called…

[drum roll please]

Super Inga Vol. 4!                                                                                                So who’s with me?!??!

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  1. Joseph

    Yikes! This is one slip ‘n slide I don’t wanna go on! Hopefully the girls can use their stilettos to stab the beast when they land on it.

    I’m wondering if Olt is controlling the stairs. Perhaps he’s not been vanquished like I thought.

    The blood spurts in panel three are superb!

    Great layouts, action and visuals as usual, Haig. Also, congratulations on keeping your updates consistent! This is a challenge for me but I’m revved up and working to get on track.

    • secretsuperinga

      Thanks for all the congratulatories, Joseph. Keeping the updates consistent is a challenge and it keeps getting tougher… I’m wondering if Team Super Inga (that’s me I guess) will be able to keep it up as Vol. 4 gets underway. We’ll see…

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