episode III – pages 38/39 – bombastic BONUS VIEW!

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Dearest Readers: thank you for patiently allowing this big, break-neck action sequence to unfold at a snail’s pace over the past few weeks.  I guess that’s how it goes in the webcomic world when you have to wait around between pages.  If we could do it any faster, believe me, we would.  We here at SuperIngaSagaDotCom were taking every moment between posts to feverishly fine-tune the cataclysmic coordinates for what, if it were in a printed book, would read as a big fat 2-page spread (see above)!

And don’t be shy! If you’re the type who likes to really DRINK IN the details, click on it to get an EVEN CLOSER look at the action…

Here’s hoping this special bonus-view of the last two-weeks’ worth of work (and story!) ups the ante a bit as we crash and bash our way toward the END of Episode III… and the BEGINNING of SUPER INGA VOL. 4!!!

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    • secretsuperinga

      I’m glad you think so, Joseph! I can’t help but think in terms of book design when it comes to comics… and so sometimes my pages do look better when they’re next to each other. I’m still trying to figure out how to exploit the unique properties of web publishing versus print. But my mind is still wired for print.

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