episode III – pg 40 – “UP… and away!”

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Like Super Inga says: “HOLD ON!”, folks, cuz Episode III… ENDS next week!

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  1. Joseph

    That is so trippy, Haig! Sioux and Super Inga have to hold on for quite a LONG TIME! That chain must be ENORMOUS! Somehow I feel Olt and his goons were tamer than this current situation. Things can only get worse for the two beauties. Looking forward to the next page.

    On a side note, I admire your ability to produce a comic a week. I’m growing weary of slow posting. That is, pencils one week. Inks the next. And colors the third week. I’m going to do my best to post one full colored page a week. You guys that do it are inspiring, and I’m determined to get it soon.

    • secretsuperinga

      Truth be told, Joseph, I started Episode III with a very rough thumbnailing of the whole story in place and a buffer of maybe the first 4 or 5 pages done. So, then I could try to knock out a page a week, but if I missed a week (due to the usual real life stuff getting in the way, which I KNEW would happen) it wouldn’t mean I was off schedule. Well, I’m kicking myself since any buffer I once had got totally eroded and I’m now desperately trying to resolve page 41- the FINAL PAGE! – for next week.

      On another note… It’s neat to see your pencils, then inks, then colors. Your color really enhances the visuals. I admire your commitment to producing fully-colored pages. I know what an enormous amount of time it takes!

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