BONUS PIN-UP: Rare Engraving


“Super Inga and the bat-creeps”, copperplate engraving, drypoint and roulette work, 6 x 8 inches.

This is a throwback to 2012, a limited edition print created especially for those who contributed to the first Super Inga book.  It has never been exhibited anywhere before, but now here it is for your enjoyment.

In case you’re wondering, this image is of Super Inga and The Girl In The Bat-Shaped Bikini, who has not yet appeared in the webcomic but figured prominently in the two Super Inga books (available at Super Inga Market!).  In the background is an incarnation of Cama-Zotz, the ancient Mayan Bat-God who may have something to do with Inga’s troubles.  Or he’s just stalking the ladies.

The print itself is made from a copperplate engraving.  Engraving is method of incising marks into a metal plate, a technique that hasn’t changed much since medieval times. In order to print the image, ink is pushed into the marks and wiped off of the polished surface of the plate.  Then, the inked plate is run through a press under tremendous pressure whereby the paper is forced into the marks and the ink is transferred to the sheet.  Below you can take a gander at Haig Demarjian, the man behind Super Inga, using a burin to engrave a copper plate (photo by Kim Mimnaugh).  To see more engravings and other prints by Haig Demarjian, check out his intaglio printmaking gallery at Art of Haig dot com


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  1. Joseph DR

    Wow, man! That must take tremendous patience and a steady hand! I guess there’s no erasing when one makes a mistake.
    Now to work on some money plates. I’ll take several hundreds! :OP

    • secretsuperinga

      It goes slowly and most of it is done under magnification. There is a certain feeling to the markmaking, pushing metal through metal, that is really unlike drawing… the challenge provides a change of pace when drawing a line on paper gets too comfortable. It really slows down the process and can be alot of fun, but is also pretty tedious. And yes, mistakes are stubborn to say the least!

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