BONUS: Nightwatch!


Continuing along the lines of last week’s Bonus Post… another rarely seen pairing of SI and TGITBSB, this time done up as an exclusive pin-up for the pages of the Nightwatch zine “T&A issue” !

You can get the zine (since you must be a Super Inga Completist if you’re still reading along) over at the Nightwatch Online Store.  Also at the aforementioned store you can purchase many other fine products from gonzo artist extraordinare Tallboy and his crowd of low-brow maniacs. They make some GREAT stuff– the new Puking Reaper iron-on patches are TO DIE FOR if you ask me.

So click on over there and be sure to tell ’em SUPER INGA sent ya. Remember: the fun’n’games over at Nightwatch are NOT for the faint of heart, so don’t say I didn’t warn ya. BUT it is always a good time. AND someone always throws up.

<  psst… wanna see an engraving?                                                                                                      what lurks…?  >



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