BONUS: Who WAS that Faceless Man?

So, if you followed Super Inga Episode III here (for FREE on SuperIngaSagadotcom), you might remember that the adventure began with Super Inga, Sioux and a certain… Guy With No Face finding their way to a mysterious island.  Too bad for him, he was snatched away by page 8…


…and we STILL haven’t heard from him again.  You may wonder, as I do, WHO is he?  WILL WE see him again? WHY has he no face?  And how can he TALK with no mouth?  Sorry to say, but I don’t think many of these questions will be answered anytime soon.  HOWEVER: bear with me and I can offer you something like his “secret origin”, reaching back SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS…

For his not-so-secret origin: he first appeared in ZombieBomb! presents The NEW Adventures of SUPER INGA Volume 2.  Here’s the moment from that book (available only at Super Inga Market) when his “condition” becomes apparent:


Now for the Secret Origin!  His INSPIRATION (and the inspiration for quite a bit of the nonsense populating the Ingaverse) was contained in this early Batman adventure from Detective Comics #34, published way back in 1939.  I have come to fondly refer to this page as “The Jed Farnol Incident”.  Drink it in:


So now you know something. What? I’m not sure.  But something.

And Something, Dear Reader, is what we all want to know.

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