BONUS: Golden Age Super Inga

GJ1943We had to dig into the WAYwayback machine for your Super Inga Bonus Shot this week.  Remember World War II?  We sure don’t.  That was a LONG time ago.

You can find out more about Hack Derby (creator of Super Inga), the contributions of G.J. Reynolds and countless other dedicated artisans in ZombieBomb! presents The NEW Adventures of SUPER INGA available only at Super Inga Market!

Since you’re busy watchin’ Inga give Adolf the what-for, you might not notice in the bottom left corner, Inga’s stogie-chompin’ nemesis Bad Clown.  Back in the ‘forties he often gave our gal Inga quite a rough time of it.

Well, we dug around in the Unused Ingaverse Archive and came up with this rather grim re-imagining of Bad Clown from a late-1980s Super Inga miniseries proposal.  A never-before-seen Special Bonus added onto this Bonus Post!  The hits just keep comin’ here at SuperIngaSagaDotCom!  YOWZA!

badclown2webNothin’ funny about that guy.

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