BONUS: More, MORE Muerte!


Last week, we turned the spotlight on the mysterious Dr. Doktor Muerte.  This week concludes our EXCLUSIVE summary of the intercepted TOP SECRET government report.  Perhaps YOU, Dear Reader, can sift through the clues and put a stop to what can only be referred to as… The Menace of Dr. Muerte!


10/31/13 – A Dr. Doktor Muerte trading card from a set based on the popular comic series “Chachi” appears. This card gives a little more insight into the nature of Dr. Muerte (chewing gum preference, monsters he may have created, the ability to move between the worlds of “reality” and “fiction”, etc…)


5/1/2005 – Dr. Muerte appears as one of the Devil’s henchmen, his foot atop a suspicious device, in “Lucifer’s Garden of Verses Volume 1: The Devil on Fever Street” a book by world renowned cartoonist Lance Tooks.

Doc Tooks

9/25/00 – Dr. Doktor Muerte appears in the crowd of a music video by the Tom Smeckpepper Majesty. He appears to be “rocking out”. It seems he cannot be stopped.

doc Crowd

Finally, presented for your perusal is the following carefully calculated (yet glaringly inconclusive) conclusion from the one-and-only Mick Jury:


Well, folks, it sure looks like… THE JURY IS OUT!

       But remember…in any case, you can be sure to:



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  1. Joseph DR

    Haha! This is a fantastic collection of info from Dr. Doktor Muerte’s dossier! I love the trading card. I’m thinking the gum would be one of those trick gums that tastes like garlic or turns your teeth black. YUK!

    • secretsuperinga

      Great idea, Joseph! The trading cards were created by Geoff Mosher and I LOVE THEM. He did a set specifically for “ZombieBomb presents The NEW Adventures of SUPER INGA Vol. 2”. They can be seen printed in that book as a pin-up page, but still haven’t been produced as actual stickers, although we hope to someday!

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