BONUS: Spotlight on… the mysterious Dr. Doktor Muerte!







It has recently come to our attention here at SuperIngaSagadotcom that just a couple of weeks ago,  a classified government communication was first faxed to a top-secret headquarters and then immediately transferred to microfilm (or was it microfiche?).  Taxpayers might ask why any of this activity was occurring at all, but that is none of our concern. Our only concern is to keep YOU, Loyal Readers, informed and alert– so, make of this what you will!


We will conveniently summarize the next portion of the report which contained a “selection of sightings submitted by D.U.T.Y. agents in hopes of determining a pattern of behavior or uncover Dr. Doktor Muerte’s modus operandi.”

2/21/14 – Dr. Doktor Muerte appears in the laboratory of Dr. Olt, bringing a creature that is part man, part bat into existence.
Muerte in Dr. Olt's lab... makin a MESSthis blasphemy occurred RIGHT HERE on SuperIngaSagadotcom… click on the image above to see ALL the action!

1/13/14 – Dr. Doktor Muerte is captured on a surveillance camera in a top secret government facility.

surveillance doc






D.U.T.Y. agents were dispatched to the lab and took Dr. Doktor Muerte into custody. However, before he could be interrogated Dr. Muerte was somehow able to escape D.U.T.Y. HQ leaving only this behind:

Doc Muerte's suit... or... SKIN!?!??!

This suit, or possibly shed skin, became animated and engaged in a battle with D.U.T.Y. agents that nearly destroyed D.U.T.Y. HQ. The suit/skin was destroyed in the conflict and as such there is no means of studying it.  Investigation into the incident has been suspended.

11/28/13 – Dr. Muerte appears on the Home Shopping Station selling mugs based on a character from the popular “Chachi” comic series.

A man with a

A truly evil genius


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One comment

  1. Joseph DR

    Blast that evil yam! Hahaha!

    Great exposé on the elusive and mysterious Dr. Dokter Muerte, Haig! Now I know how he funds his crazy surgical procedures.

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