BONUS: What lurks?


This weeks Super Inga Bonus Post is a Limited Edition Fold-Out Poster that is available ONLY with ZombieBomb! presents the NEW Adventures of SUPER INGA Volume 2.  It was signed and numbered by Hevvy Haig Demarjian himself and produced especially for the Golden Braid Edition™, which also comes with an official Golden Braid Brigade™ membership badge as well as a few other choice goodies.  Curious?  It’s available RIGHT NOW at the one and only SUPER INGA MARKET.

Just for kicks, we dug the original scrappy, scribbley thumbnail sketch out of our archive so you can compare and contrast initial concept with final product. Sometimes that’s a fun thing to do…

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  1. Joseph DR

    These covers are so much fun, Haig! I gotta try this with my Wacky Monkeys someday.

    The angle, logo, colors and composition are spectacular. Excellent looking cover!

    • secretsuperinga

      Thanks, Joseph! You’re right in thinking it’s supposed to be a cover… it was originally a cover idea I had for Super Inga Vol. 2. But then I realized that I really wanted someone else’s version of Super Inga on the cover– we were lucky to get TWO variant covers for that book, which was awesome. One by David Ferreira and one by Adam Miller! So “What Lurks” became a fold-out poster that came with the book.

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